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Yoga Instructor
Discover Glenn, our Yin yoga expert. Yin yoga is a quiet and contemplative practice.
Yin works deeply into our body with passive, longer held poses. It targets the deepest tissues of the body.
As a youth, Glenn was quite rebellious.  But something didn’t feel right in his body, not even knowing what wasn’t right. It wasn’t until Glenn met his wife Deborah that he discovered that there is an emotional world in addition to a rational one.  Glenn trained in traditional Eastern massage and discovered the power of conscious breathing and yoga.  In addition to being a professional firefighter, Glenn is today the yin man at Zennon Wellness.  Glenn‘s great asset?  His patience to listen and really feel a body during treatments and group lessons.

Sèlia Dos Santos

Yoga Instructor

Teaching and sharing what I’ve learned is something I take at heart. Sharing traditional and authentic yoga. That’s why I went to India and did my teacher training with Indian, dedicated teachers who were raised with yoga. That was very important to me.

Now, I teach quality yoga classes a little bit everywhere.

I am very dedicated and devoted to a yogic lifestyle. It’s an honor for me to transmit this beautiful art of living.



Yoga Instructor

Namasté Sisters and Brothers, I give private or group lessons for beginners who want to try and get in touch with yoga. Intermediates are also always welcome. My domain is Traditional Hatha-Yoga, Vinyasa-Yoga, Yoga-nidra, Pranayama (Breathing practices)


Yoga Instructor

My interest in yoga has been awakened forever since these experiences in Asia and still offers me a lot of support and guidance to this day. I still actively practice it myself and learned a lot from my yoga teachers in Belgium. On their advice, because I am passionate about yoga on the one hand, and on the other hand work mainly with children and young people in my jobs, I followed the courses to teach kids yoga, teen yoga and parent-child yoga at El Sole.
Then I went to India to obtain my 200 hours master level certificate in Rishikesh, also called ‘the yoga capital of the world’.

After 2 years of teaching Hatha, Ashtanga and Yinyasa yoga, I developed my own style. But still I remained hungry for more training and learning.
I turned back to Nepal where I had my first yoga experience ever, to obtain my 300 hours multistyle yoga certificate.
Currently I have my RYT® 500 certificate that allows me to teach anywhere in the world.